[Wolves] DSL Routers with IPSEC Pass-through

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Tue Feb 28 12:23:21 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

I know we have a decent number of network monkeys here so I thought Id 
ask. I have an ageing Linksys WAG54G ADSL router which claims to support 
IPSEC pass-through but using which I continually fails to connect to an 
IPSEC VPN that works elsewhere.

I've always liked Linksys routers but general advice for working IPSEC 
pass-through seems to be anything but Linksys. Can anyone suggest a 
decent ADSL router which does the following:

* Supports ADSL Max/2/2+
* Usable IPSEC passthrough
* Wireless N
* Actually has configurable port-forwarding/firewall/WLAN etc

Bonus points for:

* IPv6
* Gb switch on the back
* Having the option to support a /28 or /29
* Not buying a cheap router and putting some 3rd party firmware on it
* About £125 or less

...but I can live without these.

I'm familiar with Linksys but not newer ones, Cisco but I don't want to 
spend 3 weeks configuring it and Vigors but they're around £200. After 
that there seems to be a horrible mulch of Netgear/D-Link/Belkin which 
seem to be much of a muchness and then all those ISP supplied routers 
which aren't really configurable.

Suggestions? Yes I am JFGI.


Adam Sweet



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