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On 9 January 2012 12:44, Dave Morley <davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk> wrote:
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>       1. Chris Ellis (Sorry chaps, far to much on this week . in
> other news, looks like Mandriva close next week)
> No surely not.....Say it's not so!  Well at least not again!

Yup, its looking that way.  One shareholder (42% of shares) is
refusing a recapitalisation of Mandriva SA.  The Mandriva SA CEO,
wrote to the shareholders, stating he will file for bankruptcy on 16th
Jan, if a plan is not aggreed.

To make matters more fun, the second shareholder has offered to fund
the required capital itself.

Essentially, the shareholder is refusing as they want to extract as
much of their initial capital as they can.

Its a shame, as Mandriva has just managed to sign some deals in Russia
and with Brazil's ministry of Education.

Either way, power to the community.  Magiea is now in the DistroWatch top ten!

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