[Wolves] Data lost due to wrong partition file system while installing ubuntu

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Jan 17 21:26:54 UTC 2012

This is probably a bit late but changing to ext2 in fstab wont change anything on the /home filesystem so its worth a try but I'm pretty sure ext3 is backwards compatable so if you try and mount an ext2 partition as ext3 it should work anyway (you'll just not get some of the ext3 features).

Try it, you might be lucky.

What may have happened though is that the ubuntu installer may have formated the partition in which case its over written the old filesystem and getting it back is not impossible but definately non-trivial. Sorry.


> From: Parminder Chauhan <parminder at balpreet.com>
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>Sent: Sunday, 15 January 2012, 15:36
>Subject: [Wolves] Data lost due to wrong partition file system while installing ubuntu
>Dear all
>Last week I had to reinstall operating system to one of my relative's computer. I thought it will be fine as home is mounted on different partition.
>While installing ubuntu I chose data partition as /home.
>I think there I made a fatal  mistake. I chose file system as ext3. To my shock there was not any old data at /home.
>Previous file system may be ext2 as old system I installed was 3 years ago.
>Is there any way to get old data back?
>If I change ext2 in fstab, would it make worse or there is a chance to get old /home back?
>Parminder Singh Chauhan 
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