[Wolves] Fw: [linuxjobs] Consulting Positions at Red Hat

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Sep 26 08:03:50 UTC 2012

On 25/09/12 20:43, Stephen Parkes wrote:
> On 25 September 2012 20:35, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
>> I read these with interest Chris however the criteria is like "OM(f'ing)G 5
>> Years RH Exp? RH has only been going 10 odd years 2 years seems a lot
>> fairer.
>> RHCE qualifications? S'bit unfair?
> RH is almost 20.  It was pretty much the first of the modern distro's
> I first used it 18+ years ago.  Couldn't admin it for toffee :)

20 years? I thought I was the one that exaggerated round here?
Red Hat 'The Software project' was formed around 1994 making it around 17/18 years old as a project.
Red Hat 'The Company' was formed around 2002/4 so 10 years for 'The company' is about right. :-P

RH was the first distro I used too. :-)

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