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Dave Morley davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk
Tue Jul 30 13:38:00 UTC 2013

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On 30/07/13 13:51, John Rose wrote:
> Dave,
> You state "all three of those would need upstream fixes, the 2 for 
> Firefox are the only two you are like to receive as they get new 
> releases". But the question is still when will the corrected
> version of Firefox hit the Ubuntu repos?
> PS I really don't understand why Canonical don't give out info
> (maybe they do but I haven't found it) on when errors are going to
> be corrected i.e. when users are able to download corrected
> packages from the repos. When I worked in Computing, this was
> always a major matter to end users. Could you clarify this?
> -- Regards, John
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Right because it is an upstream issue we don't know when they will
release a fix so we can't say till they have released a new version
whether the issue is fixed or not.

It's not that we don't give out the information we simply don't have
it so can't give it.  Firefox as I understand it are now working on a
similar release schedule as chrome so they are releasing every 6 weeks
or so iirc.  So it might get fix in this 6 week cycle it might be that
they have changed the behaviour or it might get released 6 weeks after
that there is no way for us to tell till we get a change log around
beta or if the change lands in FF nightlies.

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