[Wolves] Ubuntu Repo Release (Dave Morley)

John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 13:10:39 UTC 2013


Thanks for the info.

What's annoying is that Firefox used not to have these bugs. Then they 
arrived. Then they were fixed. Then, about 2 months ago, they returned. 
Additionally, these bugs really affect the user experience 
significantly. Also, I feel that Mozilla & Canonical etc should really 
liaise much better so that Canonical know when Mozilla release fixed 
versions of Firefox (& Thunderbird etc).

As I understand it, you are a tester for Canonical. So please do not 
take (too much) exception to what I am about to say:

I do wonder sometimes if the devs & testers do much testing: IMO devs & 
testers should really test that bugs which have regressed do not appear 
again after being fixed, particularly when the time period of them 
appearing for a second time is within (say) 6 months of them being fixed 
the first time. When I was an analyst (in the days before testers were 
employed), I would have not have signed off systems testing without 
checking this out. When testers were employed, I noticed that (since 
they often had very little knowledge of an application) they had no real 
idea of what were important functions in a specification. Also, I 
certainly didn't have the time or inclination to identify most, more & 
less important functions.

Regards, John

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