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Hi Kris

Yes you can have them, including the Tux :)

The weekend is fine, you've been to collect stuff before (I sent your
mate off with an Alpha server...), but I'll send you the address if
you can't remember.

Ebay ID is drinky76, but I've not put anything up yet, I was looking
for about £60 each for the HP servers £100 for the NAS (there's one
for abt £130 on Ebay without disks), perhaps £40 for the Gigabyte P4
server, so you can pay cash when you get here if you want anything,
I'm only going to lose cash on Ebay fees anyway.


On 12/05/13 19:06, Kris Douglas wrote:
> Hello,
> Would be interested in the Laptop, Via EPIA board and P4 tower :)
> Can collect next weekend if that's any good as im in Scotland with
> work.
> P.s what's your eBay id as im interested in some of that gear too
> :)
> ta, Kris
> On 12 May 2013 18:57, "Adam Sweet" <adam at adamsweet.org 
> <mailto:adam at adamsweet.org>> wrote:
> I've had my annual clear out, the following are free to good
> homes. Winner is according LUG archive timestamp. The only rules
> are that you must be able to either collect from my house, or from
> a LUG meeting (preferably the one this Weds), or have someone who
> can do so for you.
> There is some not-techie stuff destined for Freegle too, I included
> it here just in case anyone wants anything. There are a few things
> at the bottom that will be going on Ebay unless anyone wants to
> make me a fair offer.
> The quicker you collect, the happier I'll be.
> Non-techie stuff ================
> Oxford Mini School German Dictionary Da Vinci Code book by Dan
> Brown Set of children's penguin book-ends A set of traditional
> kitchen scales (not digital) IKEA adjustable black study lamp 
> CD/cassette/radio alarm clock - nothing fancy 3'x1' mirror in
> wooden frame 3'x2' IKEA wooden picture frame with large blue
> butterfly close-up portrait picture 1 large (3'x2'), 1 small
> (1x<1') wall paintings - white paint swirls on black background on
> handmade canvas covered wood frame 3 x PAYG SIM cards for Three
> network 1 x PAYG SIM card for Orange network 32" Sanyo widescreen
> CRT TV 1 cheap metal frame, round wooden slat topped garden table
> with 2 matching chairs
> Techie Stuff ============
> Tiny Laptop (circa 2001), 1 GHz Celeron, 512MB RAM, 80 GB disk,
> PCMCIA 100Mb and wireless A/B cards, USB bluetooth 1.1 dongle,
> 1024x786 res, S3 gfx, charger, 2 batteries, Dell laptop bag,
> DVDROM/CDRW combo drive wasn't reading discs last time I tried,
> floppy drive 2 x desktop towers (2GHz P4 and 2GHz AMD Athlon XP
> 2400, 1GB RAM each I think), both pretty much whole though need
> checking over 1 x Cisco 3600 router 2 x Cisco 2600 routers 1 x
> Cisco 2500 router 1 x Cisco 1760 router 1 x Cisco 1712 router 
> Wireless TV 2.4 GHz transmitter with 2 receivers (uses SCART
> socket), works with Sky and Freeview Powered 3 way TV aerial
> splitter (pre-dates digital so possibly useless these days I don't
> know) 3 x Micro USB phone chargers (Outputs: 5.2v,0.5A; 5v,0.45A;
> 5v,1A) 1 x padded laptop rest (the cheap JLC ones from ASDA I
> think) USB Robotics 56k hardware serial modem Via EPIA Mini-ITX
> motherboard with embedded Via C3 CPU (about 500MHz I think) and
> 512MB RAM Chaintech CT-7AJA socket A motherboard, supports up to
> Duron 950, with (ripped) manual 150 Watt ATA power supply IDE CD
> Rewriter Misc IDE and SATA (I and II) hard disks, nothing bigger
> than 200GB, most about 80GB I expect (I'll need to scrub these
> before handing over) Misc SATA disk and power cables Misc D-Link,
> 3COM and Intel 100Mb PCI network cards PS/2 Mitsubishi Keyboard (I
> quite liked this one actually, it's nice and clacky) PS/2 optical
> mouse Pair of PC desktop speakers Freecom DVB-T Freeview USB stick
> (standard def I assume), with CD but missing USB to aerial
> connector (available on Ebay etc) Maxtor 200GB USB 2.0 external
> hard disk Windows games: Championshop Manager 03/04, Football
> Manager 07 and 2010, Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisible War, Worms 2 and
> Worms Armegeddon Linux games: Postal - The Fudge Pack, The Threat 
> 5" stuffed Tux 1 large Element 14 Raspberry Pi t-shirt 1 XL OP5
> Ninja t-shirt (Ninja is a Nagios web interface from OP5 which is
> part of their commercial 'OP5 Monitor' Nagios based product) Pack
> of 100 individual plastic CD sleeves, each holding 2 discs, with 
> fabric between to avoid scratching RJ45 crimp tool, not
> particularly good as I recall but it could have been the
> workmanship
> Ebay ====
> 2 x HP DL380 G4 servers, 2u, dual x 2.4GHz Xeons, 2 GB RAM, DAT 72 
> tape drives, 4 x 72 GB SCSI disks in RAID5 I think. 1 x Gigabyte 1u
> P4 server, hyperthreading, possibly 4 GB RAM, 1 or 2 disks
> somewhere between 80 and 160GB. 1 x Infrant (now Netgear) ReadyNAS
> 1000S - SOHO NAS (NFS, CIFS, FTP, HTTP, RAID0,1,5,10 I think), 4 x
> 250GB NAS grade disks, allegedly supports up to 2TB disks (see
> support website for models), has mod community. Build on SPARC
> CPU. 1 x Asus M4A77T/USB3 motherboard - Ron has first dibs
> Regards,
> Adam Sweet
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