[Wolves] OpenVPN for Android & minidlna

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Wed Apr 23 09:38:28 UTC 2014

On 23/04/2014 08:54, John Rose wrote:
> Adam & Dave,
> The author of OpenVPN for Android informed me that the save of OpnVPN
> server settings is done when the Android Back button is pressed (there
> is no Save button): it works as he said. Bizarre!

Yeah, I remember it was something non-obvious.

> I've done a clean install of Trusty on my laptop & minidlna is no longer
> present on Ubuntu's repos. Any ideas where a version suitable for Trusty
> is? I'm not upgrading my desktop from Precise to Trusty until the first
> point release of Trusty (which I understand to be July) i.e. when Update
> Manager shows it: so I can't use minidlna on my desktop as it doesn't
> work on Precise!


Apparently they've changed the name to ReadyMedia. I searched for both 
names here:


but there's no match for 14.04.


...says it's been deleted.

That means you can build it yourself from source or add the Universe 
repo for 13.10 and install minidlna from there, it will use it as it's 
the newest available version. I built it myself when I couldn't get the 
packaged version working before so it can't be that hard. The following 
page shows the depenencies:


Alternatively, you could try MediaTomb or some other DLNA server.


Adam Sweet



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