[Wolves] dlna streaming

John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 16:50:36 UTC 2014

Thanks for replies on this. As I now have both my PCs on clean install 
of Ubuntu Trusty 64 bit desktop, minidlna looks out for the moment due 
to not being in repos & fix on Ubuntu Forum looking a bit of a bodge. 
Missing minidlna is Launchpad bug 1309651: a responder suggested using 
Universal Media Server. I tried it out (downloading it from 
www.universalmediaserver.com) & it looked suitable. It didn't find  a 
renderer, presumably because my TV is not 'smart' enough. So I'll try it 
with BubbleUPnP / MediaHouseUPnP.

I've looked at Plex but I had permissions problems with it not to 
mention that I don't like the idea of an 'external app' being able to 
'look at' my files/folders.

PS Has anyone had experience of using Universal Media Server?


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