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Hi Nick and welcome to the wonderful world of Linux freedom :)  I'm the one
you'll never see at a gathering of the like minded ones.  I don't do
meetings very well I'm afraid.  Never mind, I've been using Linux for
something like 15 or 16 years in an on/off basis.  I'm currently using Mint
on an Acer Aspire Happy One netbook.  I'm much more of a Linux user than a
Linux delver or developer :)

Intrigued by your reference to working for a trade union.  I've been a
steward myself in the past at two different work places and my dad before
me so trade unionism is in my blood.

Anyway, happy new year to you and to all my fellow LUG members.

On 2 January 2014 13:42, Nick Hall <nicholasbhall at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello Wolverhampton Linux group,
> I just wanted to introduce myself. I am interested in learning Linux
> primarily because I want to know more about the platform, how to programme
> in it and basically may end up getting a job in the Linux field.
> I used to work in IT, with Windows and Citrix and took a break from the IT
> industry to work for a trade union (I hold two politics degrees so thought
> about time to use them). However, I do miss IT and thought it I return I
> will do so learning something completely new - Linux it is!
> I am a complete newbie and am doing the Institute of Linux Professionals
> basic course which I hope to pass March/April time.
> I also look forward to coming to your next meeting and meeting fellow
> minded Linux people.
> Take care
> Nick Hall
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