[Wolves] Roku & Zotac

John Rose john.aaron.rose at gmail.com
Mon May 12 10:45:49 UTC 2014


Thanks for the info. I don't want to use Plex or other web-based app as 
I don't want to give access to my PCs to any external organisation and 
because I don't want to buy a device which is accessible externally. 
Also, I'm quite happy to use our laptop to stream to a box connected to 
my TV). I decided to take a risk and buy a cheap Zotac Stream Box. I 
hope that it works with Universal Media Server (my preference) / 
minidlna (Canonical say that they have committed a fix to put minidlna 
back into Trusty's repos) and my Sony non-smart TV. I'll let you know 
how I get on.

PS I'm now having to use my wife's Ubuntu Precise desktop to convert 
downloaded iPlayer flv files to mp4 (H264 & AAC) - as my TV will not 
play flv files held on a usb stick though it plays mp4 files OK - since 
neither Avidemux, Handbrake or Transmageddon on Ubuntu Trusty (which I 
have on my desktop & our laptop) do this function without crashing or 
creating a 'corrupted' mp4 file! I've just registered 3 bugs on 
Launchpad re these bugs. Hopefully, they will fix these problems before 
Trusty's first point release (AFAIK in July), which is when I'd like to 
upgrade my wife's desktop to Trusty


On 12/05/14 11:28, Kevanf1 wrote:
> John, I've been doing a bit of digging :)  Apparently there is now a
> 'ROKU Media Player' channel.  It does a similar job as the Plex one
> I've mentioned just not with quite so many bells and whistles; enough
> to enjoy a movie though..  From what I have read it will work with any
> DLNA server and the Universal Media Server that you have mentioned.  I
> added the channel to my ROKU LT last night and it immediately found
> both the Plex server on my netbook (Mint 15) and my experimental
> Lubuntu desktop that's in my workshop.  Slightly off kilter but not
> completely off topic, the Lubuntu box is an experiment of mine to see
> how little RAM I need to run a media server but still have an
> acceptable stream to my tv.  What I may do is to check out various
> other dlna media servers to find the lightest one and try that with
> this new channel.
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