[Wolves] PHP, Website etc work offered

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed May 21 14:05:00 UTC 2014

On 21/05/14 14:19, David Goodwin wrote:

> "Oi Oi. A mate of a mate works for $BigCo and has loads of time on his
> hands ... I reckon he can knock this out for 50 quid this afternoon -
> mates rates innit. No questions asked. Cushty. Right? "
> On a more serious note --
> 1. The minimum wage is £6/hour? - so at the very least you ought to be
> willing to pay £300+ (if it's 50 hours of work?). That just leaves a
> maximum budget .... (not that anyone knows what changes are required)

TBH I said up front we was thinking of an initial figure of between £400 and £800 so we're not a million miles away. I did give him a rough brief but this LOGO stuff is out the blue as is the "Hey have a whole new website". I think we are kinda singing from two different song sheets at the minute so I/We need to find what he can actually do on the work as outlined originally.

> 2. Given it's for a business and not a club/charity/school, your company
> should be prepared to pay. Presumably they're going to earn / save
> something from it after all - if not, why would they bother?

Yep that's why I didn't ask in the 'community' as such and 'asked around' instead as I already decided we'd have to pay proper money.

> 3. Additionally they should think about the maintenance of the code -
> who is going to look after it / fix it when it breaks because PHP
> deprecates mysql in 5.6 and so on ... or fix it up when it's
> hacked/defaced because you didn't know how to escape data correctly (or
> whatever).

That's what communities are for. :-D

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