[Wolves] Limiting resources on php-cli children

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Apr 14 13:08:15 UTC 2015

On 14/04/15 13:42, Simon Burke wrote:
> So I have a shared hosting platform that uses suphp to ensure scripts
> are run as the respective user. However some sites are taking the mick
> 'a bit' with CPU time. The web content isn't mine to make changes to, so
> I would like to limit the the amount of cpu or be able to nice these
> processes.

Would using process containers / cgroups help?

I'm not sure if it'd be all that easy to put the PHP process into a 
container to restrict it's behaviour when using suphp; if you could, you 
would probably be able to control everything you want ...


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