[Wolves] Limiting resources on php-cli children

Chris Ellis chris at intrbiz.com
Tue Apr 14 13:30:12 UTC 2015

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Simon Burke <simonb at fatsportsman.eu> wrote:
> So I have a shared hosting platform that uses suphp to ensure scripts are
> run as the respective user. However some sites are taking the mick 'a bit'
> with CPU time. The web content isn't mine to make changes to, so I would
> like to limit the the amount of cpu or be able to nice these processes.
> The problem is that so far I have attempted a few things but none appear to
> be doing what I'd trying to achieve. So fat I have tried using the RLimitCPU
> in the Apache config, and setting limits for users in
> /etc/security/limits/conf. Neither of which appear to be limiting the
> php-cgi processes suphp spawns (as the respective user).
> Can any suggest a better method? or possibly tell me why Im going about it
> the wrong way and what is a better method?

You want to look at using cgroups (control groups) they were designed
to for this
kind of problem, cgroups are also a building block of LXC and systemd.  You're
going to want a recent kernel though.

Not sure how you would get Apache to fork into a specific cgroup.  This might be
easy if you are using PHP fast-cgi stuff, there by you can specify a wrapper

An alternate approach would be to have multiple web servers running in differing
cgroups and then use HTTP routing to map your customer virtual hosts.  That
might even be a stepping stone of fully containerising your customers.


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