[Wolves] ubuntu on windows

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Apr 1 13:52:17 UTC 2016

Hi Pete,

On 1 April 2016 at 14:13, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
> On 01/04/16 13:32, Stephen Parkes wrote:
>> On 1 April 2016 at 13:09, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
>>> On 01/04/16 10:39, Alan Pope wrote:
>>>> Love, Microsoft and Canonical. ♥
>>> I'll archive that Alan for when your payslips are stamped Microsoft then
>>> dig out all the stuff you said about them in 2004 :-D
>> No comments about Mono, Xamarin or Red Hat today Pete?
>> Now Xamarin are part of MS the software side of their business has been
>> made open source including the bits that used to cost a grand a year and
>> Red Hat has joined the .net body as part of a big push to get us all using
>> .net languages.
> As per usual you all miss the point.

Everyone is wrong except Pete. Of course. We wouldn't have it any other way.

> I'm glad FOSS apps are being ported, used, implemented, configured, created, developed and any other term you're comfortable with, to run on Windows. I have been a lone voice for 15 years in saying that we should be trying to get FOSS onto Windows.

No you haven't. Many people have been saying this for years. It's
pretty much a foregone conclusion that an easy route to better FOSS
adoption is to go where the users are. That's why many of us advocate
slowly moving people over to desktop apps like Thunderbird and GIMP on
Windows, and when the user (and OS) is ready (and willing), swap out
the OS for a Freeer one. This is a no brainer, everyone knows this.

Despite your looks Pete, you're not the Dalai Lama.

> Ubuntu had Microsoft listed as bug number one for years and many Ubuntu users vented their venom at Microsoft on a daily basis, now suddenly the hypocrites are all "Ooh look how successful we are now our names on Windows 10" Strikes me I'm beginning to be the last one left who has stuck by what they've said over the last 15 years.

The Ubuntu community (and indeed the wider free software community)
isn't one big amorphous blob with a single conciousness. People have
differing opinions on these matters. Some are also willing to change
their views over the passage of time, based on new information. Might
want to take a look at that methodology Pete, it's quite liberating.

> What I despise is claims that sed. awk, and grep are Ubuntu simply because they are in the Ubuntu repo's they're not. Are you trying to tell me Thunderbird, Libre Office and Gimp are Ubuntu because they they're in the Ubuntu repos? Less brave or informed people might fall for that outrageous claim I do not.

Where did anyone claim sed / awk or grep are in and of themselves
"Ubuntu"? Ubuntu is a project which collects the best in free software
and packages it up in an easy to use way.

If Microsoft had made a deal with Red Hat or Suse, the banner would
say "RHEL on Windows" or "SUSE on Windows" because any logical, right
minded human can figure out what that means. "Oh, that's the
collection of Free Software and services which people call Red Hat
Enterprise Linux running on the proprietary Windows platform from
Microsoft - I get it". "Ubuntu on Windows" is short hand for "A
filesystem of binary identical files which comprise the Ubuntu
distribution, running on Windows". At a more technical level it means
"The Unix like utilities like awk, sed and grep, which are often found
in an Ubuntu install, can now be used on Windows". They're all right.

Squeezing out an email shaped turd because you don't like that the
shorthand doesn't fit your world view that we're apparently trying to
re-brand "grep" as "Ubuntu grep" is somewhat predictable and tiresome
Nobody sees the world this simplistically, and if they did, 5 minutes
on the Internet fixes that.

> So to reiterate, Huzzah for FOSS coming to Windows. And as for the other stuff more fool you for being gullible or too scared to speak up.

I've had people "speak up" to me privately about this thread Pete. I
would imagine they didn't do so publicly, for fear of being on the
receiving end of more of your bile. Just a guess.


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