[Wolves] OTT: Battery for Acer Asire Ess1-311C4W6

Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint mark.croft.lug at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 18:12:49 UTC 2016

anyone got advice where to go to get one? they a lot more expensive
then other laptop battery i have got in the past why?

the current one is dead and the battery logo comes up on the laptop
and says something like critical battery and 0% charge.

the current battery is AC14B18J (31CP5/57/80) which seems a bit
cheaper but not 100% sure its the correct battery for this laptop?

any advice is very welcome.

anyone know where to go for second/refurb battery? there a few of
theAC14B18J on ebay second hand and a lot cheaper then brand new ones.
Would prefer to buy off a local person in the west mids.


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