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Thu Jan 28 10:57:23 UTC 2016

Thank you for this information :)  I shall indeed give it a try.  Knee
pain?  I can't change gear without holding my hand on my knee and
pushing down to assist it...  Noproxen?  I have heard of them but I
don't think I've ever been prescribed that one.  I have been put on so
many different sorts of pain killers over the last 20+ years I have
lost track.  I am indeed taking 2 x 30/500 cocodamol every 4 hours day
and night.  I can't think of what it is doing to my liver as I have
been on this dose since 6th August 1992 (the date of our bad car
accident).  I have tried cutting them down but after just an hour of
not taking a dose the pain is tremendous and it then takes days to
come down to a level where I can just about function again :(  I have
tried many different things over the years from homeopathy to the
various chondroitin & glucosamine preparations.  All guaranteed to
stop the pain etc, etc....  Not for me they haven't.  I shall give the
turmeric a try though as I will not dismiss something until I have
indeed tried it.  Cheers :)

On 28 January 2016 at 10:38, Stephen Parkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote:
> On 28 January 2016 at 10:29, Stephen Welch <stephen at welchspace.co.uk> wrote:
>> Edit ( just remembered its Naproxen)
> I ended up with abdominal pains with Naproxen which is strange because its
> licenced use in the EU is for period pain. :)  I took it for about 3 years
> before I had to stop.  I think I did pretty well lasting from 17 to just
> before my 40th not taking pain relief for my arthritis.  I was diagnosed
> with it at 14 and at one point the doctors thought I'd need new knees by my
> 30's but I think being a complete dick and ignoring all their advice on
> slowing down might have bought me a few extra years even if it has come
> with lots of pain from the sports injuries I picked up.
>> .... Turmeric!
> I might give this a go and report back.  Currently I take Co-Codamol for my
> arthritis and obviously anything that reduces the amount of opiates my
> liver has to deal with has to be good.
> Currently about 23 stone though so just dropping the 5 stone I've put on
> the last 6 years is going to help as well.  :)
> Steve
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