[Wolves] Turmeric was [ how do i get grub to switch to external monitor]

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 12:15:50 UTC 2016

On 28/01/16 10:29, Stephen Welch wrote:

> Anyway enough about me I'm like an old Labrador with bad hips!  And this
> leads me onto Turmeric.

FWIW I take turmeric the morning after the gym to ease the aches and
pains. Gym goers and weight lifters take turmeric for exercise induced
joint inflammation.

> Any way I started with a bottle of tablets and now I make my own with
> coffee bean molds. The FB groups have the recipe.  Black pepper, Coconut
> oil and .... Turmeric!
> Don't get me started on the health benefits of Coconut oil!!  Ha.

I cook with coconut oil :) Slight cheat, the extra virgin organic stuff
they have in the supermarket cooking oil section is anywhere from £4-10
for 250ml depending on where you shop. There's bog standard coconut oil
at £2.50 for 500ml in the ethnic hair care section. It's 100% coconut
oil and suitable for cooking.


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