[Wolves] Microsoft SQL Announcement

Simon Burke simon at samandsimon.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 09:04:36 UTC 2016

Morning all,

So it appears that Microsoft announced yesterday that they are developing a
version of SQL server for Linux, based on SQL server 2016.


I honestly say that I have mixed emotions on this. Microsoft has been
working with Linux for quite a while now, I believe they even contributed
some stuff to the kernel, but AFAIK it was related to Hyper-V (and for the
record Ubuntu stock kernel on HyperV + VSS = bad times).

I'm intrigued as to the license costs that would be involved with this, as
well as their game plan. There are plugins for Ruby, Python, Node, and ODBC
yet I was under the impression that they are trying to get into the big
data market.

Either way it should be interesting to look at when it becomes available.

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