[Wolves] ubuntu on windows

Chris Ellis chris at intrbiz.com
Thu Mar 31 13:36:36 UTC 2016

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 2:06 PM, Stephen Parkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote:
> On 31 March 2016 at 13:51, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:
>> On 31/03/16 13:44, Stephen Parkes wrote:
>> It's not any distro, it's Ubuntu as they are the ones who have worked with
>>> MS to make this happen so they deserve their share of the credit.  Notice
>>> it's Ubuntu developers up there not GNU or Linux dev's or people working
>>> on
>>> other distros.  They helped MS with the user side of the setup to get this
>>> out.
>> No it's not. It is not Ubuntu, that's a whopping fib. Ubuntu is NOT
>> running on Windows. Ubuntu may very well have helped implement Bash but
>> that is NOT Ubuntu. Also are you seriously trying to say that Microsoft
>> does not have the skill set to implement Bash on it's own? Sheesh.
> It's not Bash that's running it's a userspace implementation of Linux where
> the syscalls are translated from Linux to Win32 on the fly by a translation
> layer written by MS.  They did the kernel and low level stuff and Ubuntu
> supplied the high level stuff just like they do for their distro's.
> Like you say Bash is free and MS themselves used to supply Unix terminal
> options for NT many years ago but this isn't Bash it's something new.
> It's more like Wine running on top of QEmu.  With MS providing some of the
> QEMU and the base level of Wine and Ubuntu providing the top layer of wine
> and set of programs to run on it.  The very top layer, the tools, can come
> from anywhere now the bottom and middle layers are done.

I expect it is very similar to:

Dynamic Binary Translation is not exactly new.

> Any fool can compile GNU tools so they run on windows.  I've done it myself
> many times :) but that's not what MS have done.  It's clever.
> sparkes
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