[Wolves] Bandwidth metering.

Simon Burke simon at samandsimon.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 09:30:17 UTC 2018


S'me again.

At the moment, considering how big we are. I finally talked it through with
a rubber duck (in a similar vein as:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging ), and came to
conclusion that this might not be best tackled with a overly technical

The most practical way I can think of at this current time, is to simply
just automate notification of customers and their account manager when set
thresholds/percentages of transfer is reached, and deal with it manually
from there. If I wanted to I could then script something together to
throttle the customer down once 105/110% is reached.

As we're not talking about a huge number of clients, this will work until
we do. At that point, we'll have to look at upgrading our infrastructure
anyway*, and I can re-visit automating the entire process.

*= I'm already aware that any further increase of bandwidth would require
replacing our pfsense boxes with something higher spec'ed . Oddly the PCI
bus is the limiting factor at this point (8 ports effectively on the same
PCIe card).


On Thu, 15 Nov 2018 at 12:56, Simon Burke <simon at samandsimon.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Not strictly a Linux question, but thought I'd post in case anyone has a
> suggestion. Plus the list has been a little quiet of late.
> At work we're increasing the bandwidth by 500%. And our current model for
> rationing bandwidth is unlimited traffic at a specified speed, which is
> done via QoS through our pfsense firewall.
> However I'm looking to suggest replacing this model with limiting everyone
> to a reasonable speed and then metering transfer.
> I can crudely do this as I already record transfer and keep it in RRD
> files (we use librenms for monitoring etc). So I could potentially script
> actions to occur when thresholds are met.
> But is anyone aware of a better solution for doing this?
> We use Mikrotik switches which I may move the QoS onto instead of the
> pfsense box, as pfsync and limters don't appear to work well together (
> https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4310).
> Cheers,
> Simon.

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