[Wolves] Geeky Christmas Presents

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 20:02:46 UTC 2018

At the last LUG meeting I was asking people what geeky Christmas
presents they're considering, in the hope of finding some inspiration.

I ended up getting a new Raspberry Pi B 3+, along with a kit of
electronic essentials (breadboard, wires, LEDs etc) and a 37 piece kit
of sensors in a bid to join the hardware hacking revolution, 6 or 8
years after everybody else started playing with Arduinos and the
original Pi.

As I have bored people with at the meetings far too many times, I grow a
lot of chilli plants and I've always felt like I missed out by not
knowing much about the basics of electronics or where to start, so now I
have an interest in basic environment monitoring (temp, humidity,
moisture, distance etc) and thought I'd use that to play with trying to
read some sensors and control some simple LEDs and motors. That's then a
good reason to finally learn how to string some basic python together.

So, what's your geeky Christmas present and why?


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