[Wolves] Breaking grub and my attempts to repair it

aelo13 aelo13 at clara.co.uk
Tue Dec 18 16:45:23 UTC 2018

Dear all (but mostly directed to people that I have actually met)
Not able to attend meeting as will be in Leeds but thought you may be
amused by my recent linux related entertainment.

0. Did Back up  onto external drive
1. Did in place update of Fedora from 28 to 29 - seemed to be fine.
2. Reboot - black  screen flashing cursor
3. Reboot into run level 3 terminal normal everything seemed ok.  
4. Used live CD of version 28 to get onto internet as needed graphical
5. Found out the bug in  F29 means does not seem to boot in basic
graphics mode (using this due to Nvidia-Wayland issues and nouveau
previously not playing nicely with my graphics card).
6. Acquired live Cd of F29 (well techinacally it's a DVD)-  booted into
normal graphics  worked fine as more recent nouveau seems to work ok.
7. Booted into system by editting Grub on boot - all fine
8. Tried to edit Grub config to boot with nouveau automatically
9. Broke Grub (did not know this until tried to reboot)
10. Contemplated re-install decided to try to repair Grub.
11. Not able to successfully boot from rescue mode (as this is my only
functioning computer had to write down revelant commands and locations
(as I don't know them) when on LiveCD so my have had mistakes in them.
12.  Contemplated re-install decided to try to repair Grub.
13. Tried to re-install grub when logged in from liveCD - Broke grub
14. Grub not longer even able to locate any form of file system
15. Contemplated re-install decided to try again to repair Grub.
16. Tried to re-install grub when logged infrom liveCD - istall seemed
to work.  Creating Grub config failed though was able to locate all
present kernels. Tried again same. 
17. Decided to reboot anyway - SUCCESS grub working fine but still have
to manually edit to get it to boot into normal graphics.
18. Have fuctioning system again - after 2 days of intermittantly
trying in between some obilgatory present shopping. 

Now need to work out how to successfully edit grub config without
breaking it this time. [At least I now know how to repair it if I do -
I think initially repair with liveCD failed as I thought I had accessed
system with "chroot" but may have still been in the liveCD filesystem].


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