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On 24/05/18 09:41, Peter Cannon via Wolves wrote:
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> Going off on a tangent, here's a question: How is a company going to be able to advertise/sell if we're no longer allowed to ---
> Telephone - TPS
> Fax - FPS
> Email - GDPR
> That only leaves TV and Radio adverts which people avoid like the plague and are insanely expensive or Newspaper and magazine adverts. Think about it for a moment, if I contact someone for permission to contact them and they are on one or more 'lists' I'm breaking the law. Maybe the infrastructure should collapse and we can all sit at home drawing the dole congratulating ourselves that we didn't get three or four unsolicited emails this week. Are people really that dim that they think a company can afford to sit there on their hands playing the "Lets only do reactive sales coz proactive is impossible now" and waiting for that one phone call from an individual to order a boiler? ;-) #RantOver

There are a fair number of organisations that ignore the TPS/MPS (you
forgot that one Pete!). In these cases, the more respectable(!)
organisations will remove if requested. Part of the reasoning behind the
GDPR seems to be to give legal teeth to the TPS/MPS/FPS (I haven't seen
a junk fax in 15-20 years).

I personally start boycotting companies that have contacted me in breach
of the TPS/MPS, so I now avoid dealing with (among others):
Saga (MPS/TPS, their prices were never competitive anyway)
Papa Johns (TPS, Text spam never opted-in and a battle to opt out)

I suspect the growth industry will be price comparison websites,
unfortunately leading to people buying on price not on quality or
service provided.  Better sign up to TrustedTrader, etc. Pete.

Maybe the plan is to get the unemployed working as door-to-door
salespersons #TongueInCheek

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