[Wolves] GDPR compliance

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Thu May 24 12:04:27 UTC 2018

On 24/05/18 11:10, Ron Wellsted via Wolves wrote:

> There are a fair number of organisations that ignore the TPS/MPS (you
> forgot that one Pete!). In these cases, the more respectable(!)
> organisations will remove if requested. Part of the reasoning behind the
> GDPR seems to be to give legal teeth to the TPS/MPS/FPS (I haven't seen
> a junk fax in 15-20 years).

Nobody faxes anymore, we used to, fifteen odd years ago!

> I personally start boycotting companies that have contacted me in breach
> of the TPS/MPS, so I now avoid dealing with (among others):
> Saga (MPS/TPS, their prices were never competitive anyway)
> Papa Johns (TPS, Text spam never opted-in and a battle to opt out)

If I had a pound for everyone that says "Usually I ignore your emails however today I actually want......." I'd be a trillionaire. nobody wants offers until they need something. Hands up all the grown ups that have said at some stage "That leaflet about gutter cleaning, did you throw it away love?" or "Damn! I saw an email last week offering one of those." Sales is like the Police, everyone hates or dislikes them and wants more and more laws to control them until that one day when they actually need them and then their the best thing since sliced bread. :-D

> I suspect the growth industry will be price comparison websites,
> unfortunately leading to people buying on price not on quality or
> service provided.  Better sign up to TrustedTrader, etc. Pete.

There are very few who buy 'Quality' Ron, they all want cheap. TBH the second someone says to me "How much if I buy two?" it makes me not want to do ANY favours for them.
> Maybe the plan is to get the unemployed working as door-to-door
> salespersons #TongueInCheek

There's laws against that too!

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