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Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 16:11:40 UTC 2018

Hi Kev

On 17/10/2018 22:04, Kevanf1 via Wolves wrote:
> Mint Cinnamon exclusively for the last few (5 ?) years.  I do have Win 7 as
> a dual boot option but I honestly do not remember the last time I looked at
> Windows.  I am at the point where I cannot help my wife with her Windows 10
> install because I simply do not know my way around it at all.  Mint just
> works for me.

I quite liked Windows 7. Windows 10 is just a headache when you need to
change something, I can't find my way around it either. I can't
understand why there's the fairly blunt end-user configuration GUIs with
a consistent look and feel, then there's still the Control Panel if you
can find it, where you can do things in a clearer way but it looks
completely different to everything else.

Mint Cinnamon is on my list to look at.


> On Wed, 17 Oct 2018 at 21:17, Ron Wellsted via Wolves <
> wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Fedora Cinnamon/LXDE here.  The main reason being the configuration and
>> package management (RPMs) is the same or very close to the Centos I use
>> on the servers.
>> On 17/10/2018 18:17, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I've been using Ubuntu as my every day home and work OS all the way back
>>> since Warty. Before that I used KDE 3 on Debian, before that it was KDE
>>> 2 and 3 on Mandrake Linux :O
>>> I started becoming disenchanted with Ubuntu after the move back from
>>> Unity to GNOME, I find GNOME 3 so much less usable than Unity.
>>> I have a laptop with Intel and NVIDIA GPUs and since upgrading to 18.04,
>>> I've had trouble using external monitors/projectors on my laptop.
>>> Despite spending an afternoon ensuring it would work and testing twice
>>> in advance, it failed me in front of a customer, I didn't have time to
>>> spend figuring it out and I had to use Windows to run a training course.
>>> I've never had Ubuntu fail me like that before, but that's a side point.
>>> I'm intending to reinstall my laptop from scratch and with the Ubuntu
>>> 18.10 release a few days away and no need for my it in the short term,
>>> I've decided to test drive a few other distros and desktops, since it's
>>> been a very long time since I did, like Ubuntu MATE, Mint, KDE Neon,
>>> Elementary OS and OpenSUSE etc.
>>> This led me to wonder what distros and desktops you lot are using these
>>> days and which others you're interested in.
>>> Additionally, KDE people, what's great in KDE that you don't get in
>>> other desktops (aside from endless customisation)?
>>> Adam
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