[Wolves] Linux Academy free courses

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 10:20:14 UTC 2019

On 11/04/2019 16:39, Peter Cannon via Wolves wrote:
> On 11/04/2019 12:53, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>> At some point in the ten or so years since I last paid attention,
>> one of the guys went his own way and left the other to manage
>> Jupiter Broadcasting. Last November or so they announced that
>> Jupiter Broadcasting had been acquired by Linux Academy and since
>> that time, have started numerous other podcasts, taken on the very
>> British Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux (formerly of Linux
>> Luddites) and started various other initiatives.
> Isn't Bryan Lunduke with Bad Voltage any more? He was Chris's partner
> on Linux Action Show.

That's the guy, he left Bad Voltage about 2 and a half years ago though
I hadn't started listening at that point.

>> One of those initiatives is offering free Linux Academy course
>> content and this month, those include:
>> Ansible Quick Start
> Ansible: It's what all the cool kids use, I use it so I must be cool?
> I use it with the four playbooks I have. That's the thing about
> Ansible once you've got your stock of five or six playbooks there's
> not a lot else you can do with it unless you spin up LAMP'S and
> WordPress sites every day. :-)

It's probably better suited to people who manage a lot of servers. My
business partner started managing customer servers with ansible as a
means of quickly rebuilding machines in the event of a disaster, or for
scaling application architectures up with new machines.


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