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 If only I made anything on them ...Id be a pork pie millionaire!!
Generally there is a Cheese and onion pasty or some such for the Vegies!
I wont be there my self unfortunately as I'm working in Lincoln at the moment!

Adam the guys use a lot of ESP devices to implement the semi intelligent control aspects of Home Automation and other projects, would there be mileage in doing either a meeting(talk) or if popular a day of programing these devices .
What do others think ?

John Alexander     On Tuesday, 27 August 2019, 14:34:01 BST, Adam Sweet via Wolves <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:  
 Hi all

I'll be going to this over in Telford on Thursday night if anyone else
want to come.

Details here:


For the lazy: 7pm, 29/08/19, Cock Hotel, Wellington, TF1 2DL.

They usually do a pork pie and chips deal for £3ish but they need to
know numbers in advance so you might want to join the Shrops list and
let them know of your intention to come if you're interested in that.
I'll probably order from the main pub menu.

That'll be 20% commission on any sales John :)


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Home automation discussion

Hi all John has scheduled a home automation discussion for this months
meeting and has asked me if I could list some of the things that I am
doing prior to the meeting in order identify some topics to start a
discussion, so here goes, sorry to*bore *people who know what I am up
to. John asked be to do a presentation but I declined that as I would
not know where to start as there are so many avenues to go down, I feel
Home Automation is individual to your own requirements, I have not even
gone down the route of smart devices yet only TV’s.

So Here Goes:-

*Software*running two systems at the moment

a Domoticz

b Home assistant

*Communication *with devices uses

a 433Mhz

b WiFi

c IR

*433 Mhz Devices*

Various 433 plug sockets makes Home easy, Lightwave, Maplin, Wilko,
Energenie Masterplug etc


Door bells

Temperature / Humidity sensors (most rooms)

Oil Tank sensor

Roller Blinds

Curtain track

*433 communication*

RFXcon usb 433 Transceiver

Broadlink WiFi dual 433 and IR transmitter

Sonoff RF bridge WiFi (current project supposed to communicate using
MQTT protocol)

*WiFi Devices*

Sonoff various Devices from single relay output, 4 channel Pro with 433Mhz.

Power monitoring

Plug sockets door sensors , light switches etc

All sonff devices I have change Firmware to Tasmota

*Home brew* PCB ESP4266 unit (10 off)

Just flashed Tasmota firmware and managed to configue the GPIO,s to my

*Solar PV*

2 Growwatt Battery chargers for harvesting/ storing surplus solar for
use at night

These are all controlled and monitored by a piece of Python script
running on a Pi in my shed sending back MQTT data to both Domoticz and
now Home Assistant.

*Air Source Heat Pumps *(ASHP)

Multi zone under floor water heating, each room controlled from a
manifold solenoid valve with separate room thermostats

(still using a small amount of oil on very cold days due to control
software not being finished and some pipe work and divert valve needs
installing between the two ASHP’s)


Water Feature, Garden watering and Green House watering using recycled
washing machine solenoid valves and an ESP4266 board.

*MQTT Broker */ Server using Mosquitto

*Weather Station*

using WeeWX software on a separate Pi.

*Power monitoring*

Owl Clamp On sensors 433Mhz

*Hot Water Tank / Surplus Solar*

Mega Flow hot water tank with the second (Lower) immersion heater power
being adjusted and controlled by ESP board and a triac. ESP being
controlled at present by a separate piece of python script (needs


Have 2 IP cameras on test into Home Assistant and planning to up date my
8 hard wired cameras to IP cameras.


Gates are operated by hydraulic Rams with hard wired RF vehicle sensors
under the tarmac like to ones they use on traffic lights. Pedestrians
sensed by IR . Planning to install Number Plate recognition when I do
the CCTV update.

433 Mhz used for gate remote control from the car.

*Music* / Media uses a Plex server on a seperate Raspberry Pi.

*Voice Control *various Amazon Alexa’s communicating with both Domoticz
and Home Assistant via Habridge software which Alexa thinks is a Philips
Hue system.

*Weather Forecasts*

Currently using Dark Sky for weather forecasts

*Radar *

have had Met Office radar working but I think there my be better systems
needs more research

*Key Fob’s*

Programmable 433Mhz key fobs

*Wall Mounted Control panels*

Planning to use a few cheap Android tablets wall mounted around the
house using Home Assistance App Daemon addon to design the control panels.

App Daemon allows design of your own Dash Boards and I have got it
working along with it’s Python scripting capabilities for writing
automation scripts

/Sorry to bore you all but done the list like this and then if anyone
wants it it will be easy to add links etc./

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