[Wolves] LUG Meetings on Tour

Amrik Singh amo005 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 11 19:37:02 UTC 2019

My rough thinking for meeting locations is a recurring cycle of:

10 Meet at Royal Tiger
20 Meet somewhere else (different each time)
30 Meet at Royal Tiger
40 Hold a 'technical evening' somewhere
50 GOTO 10

Does that suit everyone?

We're going to need suggestions for where to hold technical evenings.
Amo suggested the Electric club, where the Amateur Radio club meet, just
off Chapel Ash. I don't know if they serve food but there are plenty of
places to eat in or out nearby. Ron, would that work for the Radio club
people if we were to gatecrash every 2 months or so?

So I'd like to hold next week's meeting somewhere different. Previous
suggestions are below. Vote now, or make a suggestion, or be at the
mercy of democracy.

My vote goes for Hickory's in Wall Heath, I'm happy to be outvoted if
that's too far for you so please don't stay quiet. If you won't come if
we go somewhere or you'd rather go somewhere else, then please vote for
somewhere you will go, otherwise it's all futile.

I notice the Pie Factory is missing, so vote for it if that's your


On 03/07/2019 12:50, Adam Sweet wrote:
> I'd like to hold next fornight's meeting somewhere different. Any
> further suggestions?
> Consolidated list below:
> Hickorys in Wall Heath
> https://hickorys.co.uk/menus/main_menu/
> The Forge in Dudley
> https://www.forgepubdudley.co.uk/menus/ln19-main-menu/
> The Vine in West Brom
> http://www.thevine.co.uk/
> Red Cow, Smethwick
> http://www.redcowpubandgrill.co.uk/
> The Red Lion, West Bromwich
> https://www.redlionwestbrom.com/
> The Caves Bar & Grill, Dudley
> http://www.thecavesbarandgrill.co.uk/
> Memphis Smokehouse, Aspen Way
> https://www.memphissmokehouse.co.uk/
> The Springhill, Penn
> https://www.thespringhill.co.uk/
> The Nickelodeon, Bentley Bridge
> https://www.greeneking-pubs.co.uk/pubs/west-midlands/nickelodeon/
> Kebub, West Bromwich
> http://www.kebub.co.uk/

Hickorys at Wall Heath.


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