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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Fri Jul 12 17:31:18 UTC 2019

On 11 July 2019 20:36:55 BST, Amrik Singh via Wolves <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>My rough thinking for meeting locations is a recurring cycle of:
>10 Meet at Royal Tiger
>20 Meet somewhere else (different each time)
>30 Meet at Royal Tiger
>40 Hold a 'technical evening' somewhere
>50 GOTO 10
>Does that suit everyone?
>We're going to need suggestions for where to hold technical evenings.
>Amo suggested the Electric club, where the Amateur Radio club meet,
>off Chapel Ash. I don't know if they serve food but there are plenty of
>places to eat in or out nearby. Ron, would that work for the Radio club
>people if we were to gatecrash every 2 months or so?
>So I'd like to hold next week's meeting somewhere different. Previous
>suggestions are below. Vote now, or make a suggestion, or be at the
>mercy of democracy.
>My vote goes for Hickory's in Wall Heath, I'm happy to be outvoted if
>that's too far for you so please don't stay quiet. If you won't come if
>we go somewhere or you'd rather go somewhere else, then please vote for
>somewhere you will go, otherwise it's all futile.
>I notice the Pie Factory is missing, so vote for it if that's your
>On 03/07/2019 12:50, Adam Sweet wrote:
>> I'd like to hold next fornight's meeting somewhere different. Any
>> further suggestions?
>> Consolidated list below:
>> Hickorys in Wall Heath
>> https://hickorys.co.uk/menus/main_menu/
>> The Forge in Dudley
>> https://www.forgepubdudley.co.uk/menus/ln19-main-menu/
>> The Vine in West Brom
>> http://www.thevine.co.uk/
>> Red Cow, Smethwick
>> http://www.redcowpubandgrill.co.uk/
>> The Red Lion, West Bromwich
>> https://www.redlionwestbrom.com/
>> The Caves Bar & Grill, Dudley
>> http://www.thecavesbarandgrill.co.uk/
>> Memphis Smokehouse, Aspen Way
>> https://www.memphissmokehouse.co.uk/
>> The Springhill, Penn
>> https://www.thespringhill.co.uk/
>> The Nickelodeon, Bentley Bridge
>> https://www.greeneking-pubs.co.uk/pubs/west-midlands/nickelodeon/
>> Kebub, West Bromwich
>> http://www.kebub.co.uk/
>Hickorys at Wall Heath.
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It should be possible to visit the radio club.  Please note that anyone visiting more than 3 times is expected to become a member. Also as the club now meets on Wednesday, any talks would real need to have a general appeal to both foss/Linux users and radio amateurs.

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