[Wolves] New toy

John Alexander acontractornow at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 21 15:42:47 UTC 2019

 Nice to see your game taking shapeAdam maybe you can get this guy who gave us a talk to come to you?https://shropshirelug.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/april-end-of-month-unity-games-engine-howto-25-04-19/

> It's a port of the arcade machine Nibbler.  The Speccy never had one so
> it's long over due.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Y_WRsaXpY

Oh cool :) Funny seeing new speccy games today.

>> I'm expecting to move house soon and it means I'll have to no excuse not
>> to move all of my remaining stuff out of my parents loft. Amongst it is
>> a ZX81 and Spectrum +2 with a sackful of games on cassette. They were
>> both working last time I touched them, but we're talking about 15 years
>> ago.
>> probably best to replace the capacitors before plugging them in :)

Ohhhh. That'll be fun :/


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