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Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 09:14:30 UTC 2019

On 27/06/2019 23:06, Chris Ellis via Wolves wrote:
> Yeh, been too bad at keeping in touch.  Keep meaning to try and drop by
> some time.

It would be good to catch up if you're ever around, otherwise maybe a
beer in London when I'm down there next.

> Totally agree with your criticisms, their marketing has been pretty poor
> and hit by the GDPR stuff.

To be honest, I hadn't thought about the impact of GDPR but spreading
the word has been a problem for their events in previous years. I wonder
if they've suffered the same wane in interest that LUGs have. As it
happens, without looking I'm not sure what FLOSS UK do.

> Price and timing is definitely an issue to.  I have mixed thoughts since
> I'm speaking at it.
> I'm also going to try hard to make OggCamp, they keep scheduling it for the
> same time as the PostgreSQL EU Conf.

Hopefully I'll see you there if I can go.

Good to hear from you.


> Chris
> On Thu, 27 Jun 2019, 15:50 Adam Sweet via Wolves, <wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk>
> wrote:
>> On 27/06/2019 15:27, Chris Ellis via Wolves wrote:
>>> Hey you old lot!
>>> FloosUK Summer Conference is on this year in Birmingham, looks like
>>> they are struggling to spread the word:
>>> https://twitter.com/flossuk/status/1143147030333857792
>> I've retweeted their call for papers and request for helping spreading
>> the word from both my own and the LUG Twitter account.
>> I went to their BarCamp a couple of years ago and it was enjoyable but
>> fairly small. Unfortunately they don't seem to be very good at getting
>> the word out there. I'll forward this on to the LUGmaster list and see
>> if they'll post it to their own mailing lists.
>>> Any of you interested:  https://www.flossuk.org/events/summer-2019/
>> I'd have gone but putting it in the middle of the week and charging £150
>> for non-members means I'm out. I'm guessing I'm not the target audience.
>> I could have considered booking the time off to go but my business
>> partner is away in any case so I'll be holding the fort.
>> I see you're talking btw :)
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