[Wolves] Fw: Learn How You Can Enable DMARC, SPF, DKIM the Right Way!

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Nov 26 15:10:35 UTC 2019

On 26/11/2019 14:21, Stephen Parkes wrote:
> " I apologise unreservedly for any offence you feel aggrieved about. "  
>   That's not an apology is it?

Is it not? It is in my book. I could have said nothing and let your 
temper tantrum fester.

> This is an apology.  I would like to apologise in advance for the images 
> in this message.
> Capture.PNG
> Capture2.PNG

Ahaha, that's a bit like saying sorry prior to kicking someone in the 
nuts. "But I did apologise." #facepalm

> So in the interests of openness this is everything that was said 
> privately between myself and Peter.  Is it wrong to call a bigot a cunt 
> once in a while or question why they took 10 minutes when their bigotry 
> was pointed out to them.  It only takes a few seconds to say you're on a 
> call but Peter either can't see the issue or can't defend it and since 
> I'm completely open about my Autism (and that of my children) and we 
> follow each other on social media you would think the issue wouldn't 
> have escaped him.

Think yourself lucky I took 10 minutes. I could have taken a couple of 
days. I happen to be at work at the moment next time I'm on the phone 
and 20,000 notifications pop up on my screen so close to one-another 
they could have been a single message I'll take a photo for you to prove 
I'm actually on the phone seeing as you don't believe anything anyone 
says with out cold , hard, definitive facts.

Not sure what your autism has to do with anything other than, I presume, 
associating "High functioning" with autism which are not the same thing 
and therefore not the intension.

> Peter thinks I've been on his case recently.  I can only presume it's 
> because I counter his arguments with facts in a public forum.  Peter 
> doesn't like facts but every other interaction we've had on Twitter not 
> contained above is entirely public because I'm not hiding anything and I 
> think I'm well within my rights to call out a bigot making personal 
> attacks when they make them.

Your facts are only facts that conform to your views as were the facts I 
produced however it would seem that you felt your facts were better than 
mine. Sadly, I have been used to that attitude most of my life until a 
few years down the line when it has come to light I was right all along.

If you feel I'm a bigot, so be it. I'm not going to beat myself up about 
it. You clearly felt aggrieved. I apologised. I'm sorry that wasn't good 
enough for you I'm not sure what would acceptable other than my head on 
a plate.

> It's not like the good old days at all is it though?  I defended you 
> multiple times from attacks I thought stepped over the line.

You have and I appreciated and appreciate it which is why I feel pretty 
hurt at your behaviour over the last few weeks and why I apologised 
unreservedly however it would seem that for you the party is over which 
is sad but such is life. I have no idea what more to say. I've done all 
you demanded in your avalanche of communications, for me I have nothing 
further to say.

Peter Cannon

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matter and those who matter don't mind."

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