[Wolves] Fw: Learn How You Can Enable DMARC, SPF, DKIM the Right Way!

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 21:16:19 UTC 2019

Right, I'm on holiday and was literally on top of a glacier when this was
going on, so my apologies to everyone for not being able to respond any
earlier. On the flip side you get 4G everywhere in Iceland, even on a
glacier. My mrs can't get 4G in her office. Go figure.

Anyway, as I said when I took over, I wanted this list to return to being a
place of conversation where we err on the side positivity and encourage
each other to contribute. This is not that.

As a result of this we've had people unsubscribe and others message me
privately to draw it to my attention. It's not the first time we've had
people leave the lug as a result of such things and I want this to be the
last time. Hopefully those who unsubscribed will come back once the dust

You two are long established and your contributions to the lug are well
respected. You should know better by now. You're arguing in front of
audience, what do you think everyone thinks about the two of you?

I could pick through the conversation but frankly you both suck and the end
result is the same. You can go and sit on the naughty step. I'll be
unsubscribing you if I have the lugmaster credentials with me but you can
save me trouble by doing it yourself first.

To everyone else, sorry you had to read that. Please be nice to each other
and encourage people for contributing.


On Tue, 26 Nov 2019, 15:10 Peter Cannon via Wolves, <
wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:

> On 26/11/2019 14:21, Stephen Parkes wrote:
> > " I apologise unreservedly for any offence you feel aggrieved about. "
> >   That's not an apology is it?
> Is it not? It is in my book. I could have said nothing and let your
> temper tantrum fester.
> > This is an apology.  I would like to apologise in advance for the images
> > in this message.
> >
> > Capture.PNG
> > Capture2.PNG
> Ahaha, that's a bit like saying sorry prior to kicking someone in the
> nuts. "But I did apologise." #facepalm
> > So in the interests of openness this is everything that was said
> > privately between myself and Peter.  Is it wrong to call a bigot a cunt
> > once in a while or question why they took 10 minutes when their bigotry
> > was pointed out to them.  It only takes a few seconds to say you're on a
> > call but Peter either can't see the issue or can't defend it and since
> > I'm completely open about my Autism (and that of my children) and we
> > follow each other on social media you would think the issue wouldn't
> > have escaped him.
> Think yourself lucky I took 10 minutes. I could have taken a couple of
> days. I happen to be at work at the moment next time I'm on the phone
> and 20,000 notifications pop up on my screen so close to one-another
> they could have been a single message I'll take a photo for you to prove
> I'm actually on the phone seeing as you don't believe anything anyone
> says with out cold , hard, definitive facts.
> Not sure what your autism has to do with anything other than, I presume,
> associating "High functioning" with autism which are not the same thing
> and therefore not the intension.
> > Peter thinks I've been on his case recently.  I can only presume it's
> > because I counter his arguments with facts in a public forum.  Peter
> > doesn't like facts but every other interaction we've had on Twitter not
> > contained above is entirely public because I'm not hiding anything and I
> > think I'm well within my rights to call out a bigot making personal
> > attacks when they make them.
> Your facts are only facts that conform to your views as were the facts I
> produced however it would seem that you felt your facts were better than
> mine. Sadly, I have been used to that attitude most of my life until a
> few years down the line when it has come to light I was right all along.
> If you feel I'm a bigot, so be it. I'm not going to beat myself up about
> it. You clearly felt aggrieved. I apologised. I'm sorry that wasn't good
> enough for you I'm not sure what would acceptable other than my head on
> a plate.
> > It's not like the good old days at all is it though?  I defended you
> > multiple times from attacks I thought stepped over the line.
> You have and I appreciated and appreciate it which is why I feel pretty
> hurt at your behaviour over the last few weeks and why I apologised
> unreservedly however it would seem that for you the party is over which
> is sad but such is life. I have no idea what more to say. I've done all
> you demanded in your avalanche of communications, for me I have nothing
> further to say.
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> Regards
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> matter and those who matter don't mind."
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