[Wolves] We're kinda alive again... StaffsLUG

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 09:44:34 UTC 2019

On 29/10/2019 18:29, Steven Maddox via Wolves wrote:
> Lo,	
> I was making a blog post that mentioned WolvesLUG on our own LUG's
> website and thought at the end of it I might say Hi :)	
> So, Hi.  We're StaffsLUG, not sure how well remembered we are down that
> end... but any rumours of our demise were greatly exaggerated!	
> And oh yeah that blog post...	
> https://staffslug.org.uk/ideas-on-coverage/	

Hi Steven

Yes, I remember StaffsLUG. I was a subscriber to the list for about 2
years when I worked up there 10 years ago. I probably made a couple of
posts but I'm not sure there were meetings in those days. Interesting to
see that you're based in Keele, I was working in one of the Keele Uni
Innovation Centre buildings at the time.

As for coverage, I guess the people will decide. If I was still up there
I'd have come along myself but I'm pushing an hour and a half away these

I'm hopeful of arranging some technical talks and show and tell kind of
evenings but all sorts of real life and work stuff has gotten in the way
over the last 3 months. We're short of a suitable venue to start with.
When I do though, perhaps we could cross-pollinate if StaffsLUG have
similar things on, by trading talks/speakers and ideas. I know
Shropshire LUG and Birmingham LUG already do that and you're sure to
hear from John from Shrops if you haven't already.

For now though, welcome back!


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