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Fri Sep 6 09:36:50 UTC 2019

Bravo :)


On 05/09/2019 17:00, Iain Cuthbertson via Wolves wrote:
> Not long after Oggcamp venue was announced, I was so eager to get
> accommodation for the unconference that I booked the Ibis because the
> Pendulum didn't have any rooms.
> Later, the oggamp.org website provided details for booking at the Pendulum.
> This has worked out cheaper and includes breakfast (which the Ibis did
> not)!
> Have cancelled the Ibis booking - £260 for 2 nights and no breakfast.
> And booked the Pendulum - £228 for 2 night and breakfast.
> Note that the prices on the oggamp.org website are for single occupancy.
> One must add an additional £10 per night for 2 people.
> Now Hayley and I will be able to stagger to and from the unconference /
> booze :D
> See ya'll in October!
> Iain
> On 02/09/2019 16:12, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>> Hi all
>> The following was sent to the LUGmaster list by Dan Lynch, one of the
>> founders and organisers of Oggcamp, with a request to post it to the
>> other LUG mailing lists. I'm sure those of you who are likely to go are
>> going but just in case any of you don't know what Oggcamp is or are on
>> the fence about going, please see the email from Dan below.
>> FWIW, Amo, Iain and I are going and Oggcamp is always a good natured and
>> fun conference.
>> Adam
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>> Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2019 13:40:17 +0100
>> From: Dan Lynch <dan at danlynch.org>
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>> Hello all,
>> I run an Open Source community event called OggCamp, it's one of the
>> oldest and largest in the UK. Our 10th birthday is coming up in October
>> and we'll be running the event on October 19th & 20th 2019 at the
>> Pendulum Hotel conference centre in Manchester. There are also social
>> events at the hotel on Friday Oct 18th and many people make a full
>> weekend of it.
>> What the hell is it though? Good question, I'm glad you asked. The
>> quickest way to get up to speed is to watch the short video (5mins) on
>> our home page - https://oggcamp.org
>> It's a 2 day conference, barcamp, hackfest and general get together of
>> geeks, makers, tinkerers and others. We have a scheduled track of
>> speakers on the main stage with an opening keynote by Andy
>> Stanford-Clark who'll tell us about how the Mosquitto project was
>> actually created at the first OggCamp in 2009 and what's happening
>> since. A full list of scheduled speakers and topics can be found here -
>> https://oggcamp.org/speakers/
>> There will also be 3 barcamp tracks where anyone can pitch a talk or
>> session and run it. This always brings out interesting things we never
>> would have planned and of course we'd love you to get involved.
>> We have exhibition spaces available at the moment for companies,
>> projects and community groups. It's all free (as in beer) so if you're
>> interested drop me an email and we can talk about it.
>> There will be a kids track with events for the family on Saturday, our
>> Open Hardware Jam in which workshops and other things take place. This
>> is run by the awesome folks behind Liverpool MakeFest, so if you enjoyed
>> that event this should be right up your street!
>> This year we are also partnering with FlawCon a security conference
>> which will run as part of OggCamp on Sunday. So there's plenty to do and
>> see.
>> Tickets are available for the price of your choosing (yes including
>> free, that's fine) at https://oggcamp.org/tickets/
>> Ok this message is probably long enough so if you read this far I thank
>> you. I welcome any questions or enquiries about OggCamp so feel free to
>> ask :-)
>> Dan Lynch
>> ---------------------------
>> Mail: contact at oggcamp.org
>> Web: https://oggcamp.org
>> Twitter: @oggcamp

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