[Wolves] Lightning Talks

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 14:01:07 UTC 2020

Just a quick one to say thanks to Chris for his talk on Ceph last night
and thanks to all of you who attended, there was quite a few of us in
the end.

We'll do it again in a month, I'm thinking the 8th or 15th July. That
should give everyone enough time to think of something they can talk on
for 5-15 mins. I'm sure most people would agree that we need more
speakers and we should all contribute to that.

I hope to upload my slides and sample snmpd config over the next day or
so and will post a link.

On a side point, it occurred to me after the meeting that Chris was able
to screenshare his whole desktop, while I only seemed to be able to
share a window at a time and the shared window was confined to the size
it was when I shared it. Perhaps I missed the option to share the whole
screen. How did you do that Chris? It would have made it a lot easier
for me to switch between windows.

Thanks again everyone who took part. Everyone else, maybe next time?


On 10/06/2020 12:43, Adam Sweet wrote:
> Don't worry about it for tonight Andy, just join if you're around. As
> for the future, I'd be interested in hearing about the hospital radio
> from a technical point of view if you know any of that stuff.
> Ha, I can do a talk on chilli/veg growing and cooking at the next one
> maybe. If it's a chilli seedling that sprouted there's a good chance you
> won't get any chillies this year as the season is too short now, but you
> might. If you can keep it alive over winter you should get loads next
> year as the plant won't need to spend 4-6 months growing to the point
> where it can start producing chillies.
> Basic instructions as follows. Keep it as warm and give it as much
> sunlight as possible and it will grow well. As a seedling, keep the soil
> damp but not wet. When the roots start to come out of the bottom of the
> seedling pot, move it up to a 3" pot.
> They like light, easily draining soil. All/multi purpose compost will
> do, I also add perlite and vermiculite to help with drainage. Once
> you've repotted you'll probably need to water once or twice a week,
> adding some tomato fertiliser weekly to one of the waterings at a
> quarter of the recommended strength and allow the soil to dry out in
> between watering. Don't keep the soil wet, the roots need access to
> oxygen and will die off if they're wet all the time. They're better kept
> drier than wetter. They recover quickly from drying up but will suffer
> in constantly wet soil.
> When the roots come out the bottom again, move to a 6" pot. Once it
> starts to produce the first flowers use 1/2 strength tomato fertiliser
> weekly. When the roots come out the bottom again, move to a 9-12" pot.
> Follow that and you should be pretty well supplied with chillies :)
> Ad
> On 09/06/2020 13:45, Andy Chamberlain via Wolves wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> Not sure what I could offer apart from Hospital  Radio, Northycote Farm
>> and Bereavement Support, we have just started Virtual Bereavement hubs.
>> Any talk I would give would not be particularly technical but hopefully
>> of interest.
>> I am particularly interested in hearing your talk on growing peppers as
>> I have had some seeds in compost for about 6 weeks and I think one has
>> germinated!! Also cooking with them would be interesting too.
>> Regards
>> Andy
>> On 09/06/2020 11:15, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>>> Thanks Dave, I'd be interested in that.
>>> FWIW, if anyone wanted to join the conf but was going to have to miss
>>> out because of the condition I placed where you must offer a talk to be
>>> able to join, then please just join anyway. I realise at least for this
>>> one that it was a bit short notice to prepare something, not everybody
>>> will be able to offer a talk every time and I'd rather have you attend
>>> than not.
>>> When we do this in future though, I think monthly, that should be
>>> sufficient time to come up with a talk title and be able to talk for
>>> 5-15 mins on something.
>>> Ad
>>> On 08/06/2020 22:05, David Jackson via Wolves wrote:
>>>> I like the idea of these different talks, and I can take on the task of
>>>> "the basics of electronics", pointing more to the field of digital and
>>>> logic rather than radio, I am sure there are some from the radio club
>>>> have way more experience of that part of electronics than me. However as
>>>> I have only ever joined your meeting once before I would appreciate the
>>>> chance to listen to other peoples talk this Wednesday with a view to
>>>> doing my talk on a future meeting. Just to give me a chance to see how
>>>> these go, and get to know everyone a little better before I jump in the
>>>> deep end.
>>>> Dave (Deejay)
>>>> On 05/06/2020 16:18, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>>>>> So, here are some things I could talk about:
>>>>> * The command line for beginners
>>>>> * Network monitoring with Nagios
>>>>> * SNMP and how to monitor your network with it
>>>>> * Diet and exercise for geeks
>>>>> * Taking care of your back when you sit down all day
>>>>> * How to grow chillies (and other vegetables)
>>>>> * Setting up a website with Linux
>>>>> * Network file sharing with Linux (NFS, Samba and SSH)
>>>>> * Guitar basics
>>>>> * The basics of cooking good food well
>>>>> * Introduction to OpenBSD
>>>>> * The FreeBSD and OpenBSD pf firewall
>>>>> Some things I'd like to hear others talk about:
>>>>> * Containers (LXC, Docker, podman etc)
>>>>> * Kubernetes, what and why
>>>>> * ESP32 (firmware, language runtimes and power saving)
>>>>> * HomeAssistant
>>>>> * Python programming, maybe C, C++ and Java too
>>>>> * Introductions to other distros e.g. (Open)SUSE, Elementary OS
>>>>> * Basics of electronics
>>>>> So, go ahead. Feel free to post a list of things you could demo or talk
>>>>> about and let me know which of the above you'd like to hear about.
>>>>> Only rule here is you should offer more than you request...
>>>>> Ad
>>>>> On 05/06/2020 15:37, Adam Sweet wrote:
>>>>>> On Weds we discussed the idea of holding regular lightning talk
>>>>>> evenings, perhaps once a fortnight or once a month as a prelude to
>>>>>> holding longer format talks in future.
>>>>>> By lightning talks we mean 5-15 minute introductions to a topic
>>>>>> that you
>>>>>> know something about and can explain to others. Ideally, that would be
>>>>>> something geeky or to do with technology but it doesn't have to be, it
>>>>>> could be some other area you know about like music, cooking or
>>>>>> gardening
>>>>>> since we're a diverse group and have lots of interests. Perhaps
>>>>>> something along the lines of:
>>>>>> * Your preferred Linux distro
>>>>>> * A particular software application that you know that others might be
>>>>>> interested in
>>>>>> * What you do in your line of work (sysadmin or dev tools, the
>>>>>> language
>>>>>> or IDE you use, what technologies you use)
>>>>>> * Hardware (PC, server, embedded, Arduino, ESP32/ESP8266, radio)
>>>>>> * Radio stuff
>>>>>> * A particular musical instrument you play and how to get started
>>>>>> * Gardening or some other hobby you might have
>>>>>> Obviously, being a 5-15 min talk it doesn't need to be a deep dive,
>>>>>> just
>>>>>> an intro and answering some questions.
>>>>>> We're an interesting bunch and we have a lot of expertise in different
>>>>>> areas of technology and a lot of interests outside of technology so
>>>>>> I'm
>>>>>> sure each of us can come up with something.
>>>>>> So, for this coming Wednesday's virtual meeting, I'd like everyone to
>>>>>> think of something they could talk about for 5-15 mins on and we'll
>>>>>> choose enough to fill maybe an hour.
>>>>>> Don't be worried about talking about stuff you think everyone will
>>>>>> already know, or won't want to know, or getting something wrong, or
>>>>>> being heckled, we're all in the same boat and most of us have known
>>>>>> each
>>>>>> other a long time.
>>>>>> I think we'd all like more LUG content, talks and presentations in
>>>>>> particular, but nobody actually wants to give them, so we all have
>>>>>> to be
>>>>>> prepared to contribute and this is a low barrier to entry.
>>>>>> So, that's the price of admission for the next virtual meeting. If you
>>>>>> want to join the conf, then be prepared to talk about something. Do a
>>>>>> bit of prep so you know what you're going to say, maybe prepare some
>>>>>> slides or do a screen share to show stuff. If we have more than an
>>>>>> hour's worth, then maybe you won't have to do yours until the next
>>>>>> time,
>>>>>> but at least you'll have to volunteered and we'll have something in
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> bank for next time.
>>>>>> I'm going to post a follow-up containing a list of things I could talk
>>>>>> about and a list of things I'd like to hear others talk about.
>>>>>> Ad

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