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Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 11:17:46 UTC 2020


19:30 onwards, Wed 22nd January 2020




You don't need to install any software, you just need a web browser.
Click the above link and allow it to use your webcam and microphone when
asked. If you have a microphone headset please use it.

When you join the conference, please click the chat icon in the bottom
left (3rd icon from the left, looks like a square speech bubble) and set
your name, so everyone can see who you are if they don't recognise you.

If you have any problems with Chrome or Chromium accessing your
microphone despite allowing it, try Firefox.

The conference is open already, please drop in to test your webcam and
microphone rather than having everyone spend half an hour figuring it
out at the beginning of the conference.

I'll try to stay in there as much as I can today, but I am working from
home, need to eat and have other things to do around the house. If we
can get a handful of people in there it will give us a sense of how it
performs ahead of time.


Please spend a moment to think about a 10-30 second introduction you can
give about yourself, what you do, how you use Linux, what distro/desktop
environments you use and what you're interested in outside of Linux etc
as a conversation starter.

If you can, also think of a conversation topic or question you'd like to
ask the room. It will help if everyone is just staring at their webcams
hoping someone else will speak.

Anyway, the list. Please put your names below.


1. Ad - wife works for NHS, I'm cooking dinner but I'll join after.

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