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John Alexander acontractornow at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 24 16:31:23 UTC 2021

 Yeah, stretched out large printers take a load of space up and are harder to align(and cost more)Also been no  faster they will take ages to do big prints. 
So unless you can not split it up you are best to cut bigger objects in to smaller parts which can be completed quicker and 
you'll have less large half finished prints in the scrap bin!

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> In amongst all the general chit chat this evening can you bring some ideas for a reasonably priced good quality 3d Printer (I know we have discussed this about 6 months ago - but that is nearly a lifetime in IT). I know at least two of you have one.
> Prefer is to be A3 sized but guess that will push the price up.

Can talk about it more later, but I'm super happy with the Ender 3 I
got.  However in all honesty I could only recommend it with the
upgrades I put on it, which is not what everyone wants: silent driver
board, bed leveling and decent PTFE bowden tube.

If you want to go for a 220mm x 220mm bed and stay at the budget end,
I'd very much consider a Ender 3 V2 or a Tronxy XY-2 Pro:


If you want a larger bed size of 330mm x 330mm that I'd look at the
Tronxy X5SA Pro, considered that myself when I've been frustrated by
that bed limit.  Especially given the price is pretty good at the



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