[Wolves] virtual meeting - no audio or video

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 17:19:50 UTC 2021

You can try a Zoom test in your browser here:


Click on Join from Your Browser when it asks you to open the Zoom app.

Again, not sure what else I can suggest other than try it with a new 
Firefox profile, or starting it from the command line and browsing to Jitsi.

You can to tell Firefox to start up with the profile manager with:

firefox --ProfileManager

You can also use Firefox in safe mode (all plugins disabled) with:

firefox --safe-mode


On 08/07/2021 17:46, aelo13 via Wolves wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Adam
> Yes Both Jitsi and  Zoom  definitely worked  fine for me at least upto
> about  5-6 weeks  ago. As they are not something I use often I do  not
> know exactly when between 6 and 3 weeks ago  it stopped working.
> I have just tried a zoom test meeting which  works fine through the
> zoom app  but I am not sure if it works with browser as it does not say
> if you are supposed to receive an echoed reply or not.
> I do  have  any plugins likely to affect -  As  I have tried with them
> all turned off.
> My suspicion is that it is due to some increased privacy feature of a
> newer version of Firefox  but I don't know what exactly.
> On Thu, 2021-07-08 at 17:21 +0100, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
>> Hi SF
>> I don't use Fedora but I have used Firefox on our Jitsi instance
>> successfully in the past. I just tried 89.0.2 as shipped with Ubuntu
>> and
>> could see my own video though there was nobody else there.
>> I had trouble with Jitsi in Chrome previously as I used an extension
>> long-forgotten browser setting change or more unlikely a Chrome AV
>> permissions bug, which didn't affect anyone else, I eventually
>> discovered the issue with Jitsi in Chrome wasn't unique to Jitsi, it
>> prevented other browser based video conferencing platforms from
>> working,
>> which is when I realised it was the browser extension.
>> Has Jitsi or any other video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google
>> Meet or Houseparty ever worked for you in Firefox?
>> Do you have any browser plugins that could affect the ability of
>> audio/video to play or any privacy/security plugins?
>> Could you try starting Firefox using a new user profile (or
>> temporarily
>> create a new Fedora user for testing and remove it afterwards), so
>> that
>> it gets started with the default settings and no plugins, then try
>> accessing Jitsi.
>> You could try starting Firefox from the command line and noting any
>> likely be a bug filed somewhere so I'd be inclined to believe it an
>> issue local to your machine.
>> mousing over your activity/network icon it said that your were
>> inactive
>> and no packets were being sent to/from you which makes me believe it
>> could be plugin related if you're using any.
>> I can't think of much else that could help diagnose the cause. Chris
>> runs our Jitsi instance and he may be able to see something useful
>> when
>> you attempt to join, but equally he may just see a user which isn't
>> sending/receiving any packets.
>> HTH.
>> Ad
>> On 07/07/2021 23:43, aelo13 via Wolves wrote:
>>> Hi fellow earth beings,
>>> When trying to join  meeting  earlier  today and previous 2 times
>>> I
>>> have tried I have no audio or video. I have the other participants
>>> as
>>> just  blank box  + intial,  the  speaker icons comes  on  and
>>> moves
>>> as  if  different  people are  talking  (I assume  the works
>>> correctly
>>> but as I cannot here or see anyone?).
>>> Using Firefox 89 (on Fedora 34)- not a global  sound/vid issue as
>>> plays fine on other sites. Privacy settings to global block
>>> audio/video
>>> with  relevant  site exceptions -  when in meeting icons on tab say
>>> that permissions for this site are to allow audio + video and  to
>>> use
>>> microphone but block camera. Same set up as previously  when it
>>> worked
>>> fine.
>>> I think I have used zoom once (through app) and it did work but  as
>>> not something I do often I cannot be sure if this was before or
>>> after
>>> other platform stopped working.
>>> Fairly certain this is a Firefox issue as I think it was a version
>>> update that broke it.
>>> Does anyone have a solution. I have tried internet search and get
>>> some
>>> people with similar issues but no helpful solutions.
>>> SF
>>> P.s Suggesting I use a different browser is not classed as a
>>> helpful
>>> solution (I do not wish to install something else just to get this
>>> to
>>> work).

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