[Wolves] Virtual Meeting July 14th

Adam Sweet adamsweet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 19:04:19 UTC 2021

On 12/07/2021 18:07, Iain Cuthbertson via Wolves wrote:
> Are there any thoughts of returning to pub meetings?

I'm very keen to resume in person meetings for numerous reasons but not 
in a hurry to actually do so. I'd like to see how things go in the month 
or two after the end of social distancing rules as I'll have a lot at 
stake during that time for personal reasons. As has been said in the 
news, vaccination seems to have broken the link between contracting 
covid and serious illness, but fully vaccinated people are still falling 
ill and it's a risk I can't take for now.

That said, everybody else can resume in person as soon as they're ready. 
  When we discussed it last it seemed that most people would rather see 
how it goes before meeting up, but that was late last year I think. 
Please let me know if/when people feel ready to meet up and I'll post a 

> If so, where/when? :)

It will be the old fortnightly schedule. I'll probably look at the 
calendar to work out which week is the week before Christmas and work 

As for where, it's long been on my todo list to look for alternative 
places to meet where we can hold talks but when I've looked there don't 
seem to be many places which serve decent beer/affordable food and have 
a separate room they could let us have without paying for beyond 
food/drinks sales. Suggestions are welcome.

Otherwise, while nobody wants to put money in the pockets of Worzel 
Gummidge who runs Wetherspoons, the staff at the Royal Tiger were always 
very good to us and I think most people felt we should keep it as our 
regular haunt.

I like the idea of moving around to a different venue every now and 
again though, even though it inevitably costs more. I liked the Grill 
House and am looking forward to going again. If anyone wants us to come 
meet up near them, please recommend somewhere.

That's my take anyway. Alternative suggestions are always welcome.


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