[Wolves] Virtual Meeting July 14th

Chris Ellis chris at intrbiz.com
Mon Jul 12 19:15:05 UTC 2021

On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 8:04 PM Adam Sweet via Wolves
<wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
> On 12/07/2021 18:07, Iain Cuthbertson via Wolves wrote:
> > Are there any thoughts of returning to pub meetings?
> I'm very keen to resume in person meetings for numerous reasons but not
> in a hurry to actually do so. I'd like to see how things go in the month
> or two after the end of social distancing rules as I'll have a lot at
> stake during that time for personal reasons. As has been said in the
> news, vaccination seems to have broken the link between contracting
> covid and serious illness, but fully vaccinated people are still falling
> ill and it's a risk I can't take for now.
> That said, everybody else can resume in person as soon as they're ready.
>   When we discussed it last it seemed that most people would rather see
> how it goes before meeting up, but that was late last year I think.
> Please let me know if/when people feel ready to meet up and I'll post a
> list.

The governments lackadaisical 'ah f*ck it' attitude puts even more
pressure on to personal judgement.
>From my perspective, I don't really want to be in busy inside venues
until I've had my 2nd dose, which
isn't too far of now.

> > If so, where/when? :)
> It will be the old fortnightly schedule. I'll probably look at the
> calendar to work out which week is the week before Christmas and work
> backwards.
> As for where, it's long been on my todo list to look for alternative
> places to meet where we can hold talks but when I've looked there don't
> seem to be many places which serve decent beer/affordable food and have
> a separate room they could let us have without paying for beyond
> food/drinks sales. Suggestions are welcome.
> Otherwise, while nobody wants to put money in the pockets of Worzel
> Gummidge who runs Wetherspoons, the staff at the Royal Tiger were always
> very good to us and I think most people felt we should keep it as our
> regular haunt.
> I like the idea of moving around to a different venue every now and
> again though, even though it inevitably costs more. I liked the Grill
> House and am looking forward to going again. If anyone wants us to come
> meet up near them, please recommend somewhere.
> That's my take anyway. Alternative suggestions are always welcome.

Location is less important to me, but as I'm remote for the next few months
I'd like to be able to make a few meetings should things be safe.

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