[Wolves] Talk: Adam Sweet - Password Cracking With a GPU, 17th March

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 20:01:53 UTC 2021

On 12/03/2021 17:43, Adam Sweet via Wolves wrote:
> Keeping this part separate from the attendee list:
> Please share this event with any other relevant groups and on your 
> Facebooks, Twitters, Instas and Tik Toks to help us build an audience 
> for future events:
> https://twitter.com/LugWolves/status/1357641046298136579


This works : https://twitter.com/LugWolves/status/1370339211719639043

I'll try and listen in, but will probably fail to ....


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