[Wolves] Talk: Adam Sweet - Password Cracking With a GPU, 17th March

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sat Mar 13 19:21:24 UTC 2021

>> I'll try and listen in, but will probably fail to ....
> Great if you could but no worries if not. I forget if you're a Debian 
> or Red Hat guy (or other) but next month's talk should be very 
> interesting if I can get it confirmed. I'll announce it once it is.

For me ... originally Slackware ('98ish to 2005ish?). Since then, Debian 
and sometimes Ubuntu. I think I started using Debian somewhere around 
the Woody/Sarge era.

> On a site point I had to cause to look at Postfixadmin for a customer 
> recently and found you're a regular contributor, so thanks for your 
> work :)

Yeah, I need to learn to stop adding new bugs to it :-)


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