[Wolves] OFT : anyone got a spare server rack mounted

Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint mark.croft.lug at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 09:29:08 UTC 2023

i have been given loads of 2.5 sata hdd and 3.5 sata hdd and they all
need clearing off and setting troo zero i think the distro is dban.. i
was wondering if a poweredge server could do like 16 drivers at once
in there hot pluggable docking bays.. i do not know the correct
terminology .. the server rooms was always too hot for me and i would
leak gallons of sweat which did not go down well in the server room
when none of the servers had sides or covers on them it was all very
heath rob affair and done by the botch team..

i never touched any of them with a barge pole.. i would set up my own
novell server too test anything networkable.. or just ignore issues
with trying to use oracle db on customers sites i was not allowed to
drive and got in trouble for using taxi and trains when i did have to
visit a customer , most of the time i sent any customer that need an
onsite visit all around the world and just hope they not staying in
the job long enough too be bothered to get the bug fixed..

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