[Wolves] OFT : anyone got a spare server rack mounted

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> i have been given loads of 2.5 sata hdd and 3.5 sata hdd and they all
> need clearing off and setting troo zero i think the distro is dban.. i
> was wondering if a poweredge server could do like 16 drivers at once
> in there hot pluggable docking bays.. i do not know the correct
> terminology .. the server rooms was always too hot for me and i would
> leak gallons of sweat which did not go down well in the server room
> when none of the servers had sides or covers on them it was all very
> heath rob affair and done by the botch team..
> Hi,

Have you considered this sort of thing:
" SABRENT 2 bay hard drive docking station, dual SSD HDD 2.5 3.5 inch SATA
case dock, external SSD enclosure + power adapter, offline cloning, LED
indicator, tool-free, USB cables included (EC-HD2B)"
I just search on amazon.co.uk for "hdd dock"

Also, depending on the HDD, some have a self erase command that is really

Kind Regards

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