[Wolves] Usable Windows SSH clients

Richard Sheppard richard at siliconmeadow.net
Tue Oct 24 15:44:48 UTC 2023

I use Windows every couple of months and I've found that MobaXterm (
https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/) suits my needs nowadays.


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> Hi,
> So at day job, I am seeing putty is predominantly being used in best
> cases, and a remote Xterm via an openssh Tunnel and a local X server at its
> most contrived.
> I don't have anything in particular against Putty, but for managing any
> more than a couple connections, I just feel like its not the best tool
> Can you kind people kindly suggest a decent (yet simple) product that I
> could hopefully roll out to replace putty? If it support sftp too that
> would be of great benefit.
> I personally use WSL and Windows Terminal (my work laptop is nothing more
> than a jumpbox these days). I have used SecureCRT and liked it back in the
> day, but it's been a long.. time.  Some devs are using mobaxterm, which
> works for them, but its on a subscription model AFAIK.
> Anyway, any suggestions?
> Thanks.
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