[Nelug] Problem mounting removable media in Redhat 7.1 - Part II

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Wed Jan 29 23:56:02 UTC 2003

gary.park writes:
 > Dear Members,
 > Thanks to Eddy and Peter for your help some time ago on my problem of
 > mounting removable media under Redhat 7.1. You were both correct in
 > respect of the floppy drive as (for some bizarre reason) there was no
 > directory for it in the /mnt directory.
 > However, I still cannot get the CD or CD-RW to mount, if I try to mount
 > either one I get the following error:
 > Could not mount device
 > The reported error was:
 > mount: wrong FS type, bad option, bad superblock or /dev/cdrom or too
 > many mounted file systems


 > in /dev/ there is (among other things and excluding dates, times etc.):

 > cdrom		rw - rw	root	disk	/dev/hdb

That doesn't look right - I'm assuming that's indicating that
/dev/cdrom is a symbolic link to /dev/hdb. Do you actually have the
cdrom and you primary hard disk on the same ide controller/cable ?
If not (the usual situation is to have the cdrom drives on the
secondary ide channel) then /dev/cdrom should be a symlink to

 > cdrom1	rw - rw	root	disk	/dev/scd0

Is this a scsi cd device, or are you using ide-scsi emulation ?
If you're using ide-scsi emulation for this drive (why one and not
the other?) - is the ide-scsi module loaded ? or compiled in ?  

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