[Nelug] Upgraded Red Hat

Geof Cox geof.cox at economicpartnerships.com
Sun Mar 21 20:34:15 UTC 2004

I've just upgraded my notebook from the Red Hat 7.2 to Red
Hat 9.  This worked fine except the printer and PCMCIA card no longer work.
I can't work out what's happened to the printer as all the configuration
details appear correct as before the upgrade.  I also have a desktop
machine running Red Hat 9 linked to the same printer through a hub which
works fine with apparently the same configuration.
With the PCMCIA card modem I noticed the boot says when starting PCMCIA:
'ds: no socket devices loaded' - and also the KDE Control Centre says
'no PCMCIA controller detected' - and Service Configuration says 
'cardmgr is stopped' - but it won't restart.
Any ideas on what to do?
Also - is there a freelancer or local company that can help linux users 
like me who have very little knowledge with this kind of problem-solving 
- and also developments like setting up a wireless LAN in my office in 
Alnmouth - if not, my profession is social enterprise development and I 
may be able to assist somebody or the LUG itself to set something up!

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