[Nelug] Hardware for Swaps

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 21:19:12 UTC 2005

A few months ago (before we moved) I decided to buy some wireless kit 
and learn how it worked so that I could hit the ground running with a 
wireless network after moving. Fine idea but I hadn't reckoned on the 
reality of wireless networking.

I bought two Linksys WAP54G Access Points and two WMP54G PCI NICs. I got 
the APs working but didn't find them very reliable (possibly 
interference from the DECT phones, video sender etc) and I didn't even 
try getting the NICs working with Debian. I learned alot  about wireless 
networking though, and I'm am bit paranoid about security. I've decided 
to stick with wired networking for the time being. So if anyone fancies 
some Linksys wireless gear ...

I'm on the lookout for a hub, 4 port 100MBs would be great. And an AGP 
card that doesn't rattle like my current one. Doesn't have to be 
anything fancy.

Where do people buy hardware in Durham? I'm after a long USB cable for 
my printer and wandered into Comet at the Arnison centre. They were 
charging silly money so I walked out again. I usually get stuff from 
dabs or ebuyer online but it'd be good to know if there was anywhere 
local that sold computer stuff.

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